Episode 12: You Don’t Need To Hit The Ground Running with Charles Miron

Episode 12

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Have you ever convinced yourself that you would ‘love to start running but don’t know how’? While this may be true, most people just admittedly don’t want to build discipline, practice patience, and work through potential boredom. Charles Miron, an endurance athlete, and coach, uses his experience and expertise to break down the different components of running, why it is so important to use proper techniques, and how to use them to improve. You don’t have to hit the ground running! In fact, Charles explains that the first step on your running journey is actually walking. Everyone may have different running goals, but the steps you take end up being one and the same. Whether you’re just a beginner or a long-time runner, this episode is filled with valuable information you don’t want to miss!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How beginners can get into running. 
  • Why you need to determine your running goals.
  • Charles’ beginners running program: always start with walking!
  • The difference between walking and running.
  • Three reasons people don’t like running.
  • How to manage running boredom.
  • The three main tracking metrics Charles uses in his coaching program.
  • Anaerobic versus aerobic systems.
  • The importance of patience.
  • The components of running.
  • How to use your elbows to keep your running beat.
  • The correlation between breathing and running.
  • Why nose breathing is important.
  • Two inescapable running forces: gravity and the road ahead of you. 
  • The mechanics of your feet and shoes.
  • What heart-rate zones are, and why they are important.


“Walking is actually worse for your joints than running and is actually more demanding on your body.” — Charles Miron [0:02:40]

“Running, at its most basic core, is falling forward without falling on your face.” — Charles Miron [0:02:47]

“Running is meditation in motion.” — Charles Miron [0:05:33]

“Train your body, not your ego.” — Charles Miron [0:14:52]

“You never use your feet to keep [your running] beat.” — Charles Miron [0:19:03]

“[Choosing your running shoe] comes down to comfort … you control how the shoe is going to make you run, that is the important part.” — Charles Miron [0:41:30]

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Episode 12