Episode 13: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Weight Loss and Obesity with Dr. Jordan Vollrath

Episode 13

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Obesity and its associated health problems are a major concern around the world. The mix of convenience and busy lifestyles often lead people down an unhealthy lifestyle path, often to weight gain and the onset of obesity. Although exercise and diet can help with obesity, a more holistic approach incorporating mental health and lifestyle is needed to lose weight. In this episode, we speak to Dr. Jordan Vollrath, a family physician, Chief Marketing Officer of Cherry Health, and the Medical Director at The Aesthetic Room YYC.

In our conversation, we talk about Dr. Vollrath’s role at the Alberta Obesity Centre, the different ways to treat obesity, and some strategies to help you with your weight loss journey. We start by learning more about his work and how mental health contributes to obesity. We then delve into the topic as Dr. Vollrath explains the clinic’s approach to treating obesity, food as a coping mechanism, the role of medications in treating obesity, and the concept of mindful eating. We also discuss the various surgical interventions available, the differences between intense and non-intensive exercise, how much you should be eating in a day, what foods should be avoided, why tracking calories is vital, and much more. Tune in to hear how you can begin your weight loss journey and why a multidisciplinary approach works, with Dr. Jordan Vollrath!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We learn about the work Dr. Vollrath does at the Alberta Obesity Centre.
  • How the practice is structured, and how the intake process works.
  • What aspects of mental health can contribute to obesity.
  • His approach to treating a patient who uses food as a coping mechanism.
  • He explains the role of medications in treating obesity and weight gain.
  • Learn about an exciting new treatment: the Ozempic injection. 
  • We learn what binge eating is and how to treat the disorder.
  • Whether people tend to pair binge eating with other behaviours.
  • What mindful eating is and why it is essential for caloric balance.
  • We discuss the different approaches to weight loss intervention.
  • Nathaniel outlines his approach and how it differs from Dr. Vollrath’s methods.
  • How exercising can jump-start a healthy lifestyle.
  • Why it is important to monitor your calorie intake.
  • Hear about some helpful resources to track your calorie intake.
  • We unpack what the appropriate food portion size is.
  • Find out why processed food should be avoided.
  • How often obesity is associated with a medical condition compared to lifestyle.
  • When Dr. Vollrath would suggest using medication to achieve weight loss.
  • The moments when he would suggest a surgical intervention for weight loss.
  • An outline of the different surgical interventions available. 
  • He provides an overview of the process a patient would go through at the clinic.
  • What the biggest barrier is for people wanting to lose weight.
  • Hear how many steps a day you should be making.
  • How intense exercise burns more calories compared to non-intensive exercise. 
  • The difference between basal and resting metabolic rates.
  • We highlight the main takeaways concerning weight loss. 


“You can imagine if we just started diving right into calorie counting and eating better and exercising, but a patient is moderately depressed, it’s going to be really difficult to actually start making changes there.” — Dr. Jordan Vollrath [0:04:02]

“The people who tend to do really well are those who start to round out that dietary change with physical activity and with some sort of routine to get moving.” — Dr. Jordan Vollrath [0:20:31]

“It’s absolutely crazy how much just paying more attention to the day-to-day calorie balance makes.” — Dr. Jordan Vollrath [0:22:37]

“I have so many patients that started taking the stairs at work and parking farther away. And these little changes, they seem to really add up.” — Dr. Jordan Vollrath [0:44:33]

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