Episode 14: Modern and Collaborative Approaches to Physiotherapy with Cody Gramlich

Episode 14

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A collaborative approach to physiotherapy, or patient care, not only gives the patient a much better plan of care and outcome, but is mutually beneficial for the communication and referral network between the therapist, doctor, and other health practitioners involved in the rehab journey. Our guest on the Down and Dirty podcast today is Cody Gramlich, clinic director, and physiotherapist at Peak Health & Performance, Elbow location.

Join the conversation today as we hear from Cody about what piqued his interest in physiotherapy and his journey from being a kinesiologist to becoming a physiotherapist at Peak Health & Performance. He dives into his beliefs and approach to patient care, how they structure and facilitate patient-centred care at Peak Health, and the importance of educating your clients throughout their treatment journey. Our discussion also leads to the multifactorial sensation of pain, common shoulder injuries, and how to prevent and rehab them. For all this, and much more, tune in now! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We start off with Cody’s background and how he got into physiotherapy.
  • Where he went to physiotherapy school.
  • What piqued Cody’s interest in the field of physiotherapy before getting into it.
  • What drew Cody to Calgary after physio school.
  • The process he followed to get a job after school.
  • What interests Cody the most about physiotherapy.
  • His transition from Caleo Health to Peak Health & Performance.
  • Cody dives into his beliefs and approach to physiotherapy.
  • He shares their Plan of Care at Peak.
  • We discuss the importance of a timeline for patients as they go through treatment.
  • Why it’s important to educate clients on their treatment plan.
  • We talk about the importance of follow-up and accountability of both patient and practitioner.
  • Cody tells listeners about the Graduation Board at their clinic.
  • He talks about the more modern approach to physiotherapy.
  • We discuss the mental aspect of rehab and physiotherapy.
  • We dive into a discussion about shoulder injuries and the rehab associated with them.
  • Cody explains the muscles of the rotator cuff and what they do.
  • His theory on why most shoulder injuries involve the supraspinatus and the subscapularis.
  • How do you prevent shoulder injuries; what you can do on a daily basis. 
  • Why teaching patients how to do CARs can be helpful in the preventative treatment of joint injuries.
  • We talk about overdeveloped chests and recommendations.
  • The benefits of patient care collaboration and having a referral network.


“Part of the reason that I’ve stayed so long, and I am committed to Peak, is that we take an approach that you provide a plan for the client. The biggest thing is having a plan for the client and having patient-centered care.” — Cody Gramlich [0:14:35]

“I think it’s good to set those expectations off the start, because the reality of a lot of injuries, or a lot of like chronic pain is that, this isn’t going to change overnight, and this might not be a quick fix.” — Cody Gramlich [0:18:07]

“It’s pretty amazing what your fear, what your anxiety, what your mental state around something can really do to your pain..” — Cody Gramlich [0:33:17]

“If you’re not training them [your shoulders] in certain ranges, or you’re not using them in certain ranges, you lead to a vulnerability to having an injury.” — Cody Gramlich [0:42:51]

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