Episode 19: Embracing Technology at Aeon Future Health with Lisa Krzyzewski

Episode 19

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Are you looking for ways to measurably reverse your biological clock, so you can look, feel, and perform at your best now and into the future? Well, today’s guest, Lisa Krzyzewski is on the very same mission with her new company, Aeon Future Health. A first of its kind in Canada, Aeon specializes in longevity and health optimization by using advanced technology, pharmaceuticals, and hormone replacement therapy. Lisa tells us of her background and what led her to found Aeon, her struggles with chronic migraines and her journey of finding a solution, how a change in diet has significantly decreased her asthma attacks, and the various treatments she’s used for pain.

As we dig deeper into Aeon, we gain insight into the treatments and technologies that they use, how they help clients with hormonal and lifestyle discrepancies, why the CAROL bike and the ARX machine are incredible innovations for the health industry, and the difference between concentric contractions and eccentric motions. We end by discussing the importance of adequate rest and recovery, NuCalm and other recovery tools that Aeon use, the emerging space of red light therapy, and the ins and outs of vitamin IV bags and NAD treatments. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We are thrilled to be joined by the Founder of Aeon Future Health, Lisa Krzyzewski.
  • Lisa’s background and how she ended up founding Aeon Future Health. 
  • Her battle with chronic migraines and how she’s gone about overcoming it. 
  • How her new diet has helped tame her other ailments such as asthma.
  • The treatments she’s used for pain, and the correlation between pain and aerobic exercise.  
  • Exploring the treatments and technologies that are available at Aeon. 
  • How Aeon helps its clients deal with hormonal imbalances and lifestyle issues (poor sleep, poor diet, etc.). 
  • The wonders of CAROL: an AI-based bike. 
  • Adaptive resistance training and the ARX machine. 
  • Concentric contractions versus eccentric motions. 
  • The importance of recovery and the recovery tools used by Aeon, including NuCalm. 
  • Lisa explains the emerging space of red light therapy. 
  • The ins and outs of vitamin IV bags and NAD treatments. 


“I was able to get rid of my need for any asthma medications. I mean, maybe if I did a pulmonary function test they’d say, ‘You have asthma,’ but I can’t tell otherwise. I don’t use inhalers anymore. I don’t use the steroids I was on. It was 100%, for me, diet-related.” — @bioritualist [0:07:10]

“Anyone who visits us comes through a health assessment because there are so many different reasons someone can feel the way they do. Even when you’re feeling great, if you want to optimize and improve, you need to know where you’re at. You need a baseline.” — @bioritualist [0:13:13]

“What I do think people forget, and you probably see this a lot, is recovery. Because what they forget is, the body doesn’t know the difference between fitness-related stress, work-related stress, home-related stress. It’s all stress” — @bioritualist [0:46:59]

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Episode 19