Episode 2: Ethical Hunting with Louis Brown

Episode 2

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There are many judgments around the topic of hunting and, to provide insight into the matter, today’s guest breaks down the true motives and process of ethical hunting. Louis Brown is an Australian-born, Alberta-based hunter and avid outdoorsman and, in this episode, we learn about what it is that draws him to hunting (bow hunting in particular), and how, given the regulations, it is far more ethical than eating store-bought meat. Louis explains his deliberate approach to hunting and shares some thrilling anecdotes from his time in the wild. It’s clear that Louis has a deep respect for the animals he hunts and the environment they live in, and it turns out that the role that hunters play in wildlife conservation is significant. Tune in to hear all about ethical hunting, from the barriers to entry to the actual hunt and packing process.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Louis Brown’s outdoors-centric upbringing in Australia, and how he got into hunting.
  • His deliberate approach to hunting.
  • The range of animals available for hunting in Alberta, Canada.
  • Why Louis prefers bow hunting to rifle hunting.
  • Three things to factor in when trying to get close to an animal.
  • What fuels Louis’ passion for sheep hunting.
  • The penalty for shooting animals that are illegal to hunt.
  • Why sheep are considered a precious resource.
  • The process of packing an animal, once killed.
  • Louis’ primary concern when coming back to a kill.
  • Hunting on private land versus public land.
  • Louis’ motives for hunting.
  • The barriers to entry for new hunters.
  • The process of hunting from start to finish.
  • Louis explains the rut period of elks.
  • He recounts witnessing a hierarchy battle between two moose.
  • What’s considered to be a successful shot.
  • The level of fitness required for hunting.
  • Why Louis chooses to process the meat himself.
  • Louis’ favourite hunting story.
  • The nutritional benefits of organ meats.
  • The role of hunters in wildlife conservation.
  • The carefully regulated hunting model in Canada and North America.

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Episode 2