Episode 22: Getting to know Nathaniel with guest host Tyler Morgan

Episode 22

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Today is an exciting episode as we try something a little different, with guest host Tyler Morgan. Tyler, a dear friend of Nathaniel, will be taking over the microphone to interview your favourite host, Nathaniel Ernst. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to delve into Nathaniel’s past and discover what ignited his passion for fitness. Tyler and Nathaniel discuss his professional journey, including the many jobs he worked along the way, and how he ultimately found his true calling in the fitness industry. Hear about how working on the rigs impacted him physically and mentally, why he chose not to pursue bodybuilding, his reasons for starting NATEFIT, what he has planned for the future, and much more. Tune in to this captivating conversation and learn more about your favourite host Nathaniel Ernst!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We start by learning about Nathaniel’s fitness background.
  • Why he was unable to train in the school gym until high school.
  • Find out about Nathaniel’s professional career journey and what motivated him to pursue it.
  • What separates Nathaniel from other professionals in the industry.
  • He shares some advice for graduates who want to work in the fitness industry.
  • How Nathaniel began working on the rigs, and what the work involved.
  • He tells us how he was able to maintain his health and fitness while working on the rigs.
  • The motivation behind starting NATEFIT and his overall goals.
  • Hear about the many lessons he learned early in his career.
  • Nathaniel tells us about his biggest success story while running his own business.
  • What Nathaniel has planned for himself and his company.
  • Discover how to become healthy and fit on a budget.


“Every single day, straight from class to the weight room. I had no idea what I was doing, but all I knew is I was going to get bigger and stronger.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:02:35]

“I was determined to be the hardest working person on that stage, whether I won [the competition] or not.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:22:58]

“If finances are a barrier to improving your health, then I will take that barrier down.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:26:24]

“I love being with clients. One of my favourite parts of my job is connecting with people.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:32:38]

“People are puzzles. They come in with an injury, and it’s just a puzzle.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:33:48]

“That is one part of my career that I really enjoy is the injury rehab because it is so rewarding.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:35:59]

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Episode 22