Episode 23: Juggling Projects and Finding Diners with Joe Keery

Episode 23

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Most people are familiar with Joe Keery from his breakout role as Steve Harrington on Stranger Things, a role that has given him worldwide fame and recognition. But as Nathaniel found out working with Joe over the last six months, he is a really humble and down to Earth guy, with a great attitude towards his work, health, and enjoying life. Joe sits down for this episode to talk about his work shooting in Calgary, some of his fitness goals over the last few months, and his upcoming projects for the rest of the year. We also get to hear about his favourite spots in Calgary and his passion for food! Not content with merely acting, Joe is also a recording and touring musician, and he shares why this provides a nice contrast to his time on film sets, and how he maintains a healthy balance between these two parts of his creative life. Make sure to tune in and catch it all, with the one and only Joe Keery!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Joe talks about his experiences in and enjoyment of life in Calgary!  
  • Exercising and shooting in the cold, and measures to make this safe enough. 
  • How Joe and Nathaniel met and connected over normal things.
  • Getting into shape and appropriate physicality for each role.  
  • Joe’s love of American diners, his connection to Calgary’s Galaxie Diner, and a few other favourite places.
  • A little about Joe’s love of music and his own recording process for his songs.
  • Tracing Joe’s interest in acting, starting with the videos he and his sister made as kids. 
  • Reflecting on Joe’s aspirations for acting and his humble attitude towards making a living through his work. 
  • Memories of the early days of shooting Stranger Things and the series getting renewed for its second season.
  • What it’s like getting recognized in public and dealing with the expectations of fans.  
  • Joe talks about the rest of the year and his upcoming projects.  
  • Why Joe mostly avoids using social media and self-promotion.  
  • Joe’s thoughts on different kinds of beer and some of the best bars he has visited in Calgary. 
  • Maintaining balance and the benefits of the 80-20 rule.  

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Episode 23