Episode 3: It’s All Mental with Charles Miron

Episode 3

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Does the Great Canadian Death Race sound like a fun experience? What about running 250 kilometres through a piping-hot desert? Endurance sport is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and Charles Miron has a stronger heart (and mind) than most. From a young age, Charles was inspired by the endurance athletes he saw on television, and after smashing his first marathon with hardly any training, he realized he likely had an innate ability to push himself beyond the barriers that most people cannot overcome. His secret? It’s all mental. In this episode, Charles talks about some of the most memorable moments from the ultra-marathons and triathlons he has done over the years, and the valuable lessons he has learned through these experiences. No matter what you think your pain threshold is, you’ll finish this episode feeling motivated to take on a whole new level of challenge!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Where Charles’s passion for endurance sports began.
  • Charles’s first marathon experience. 
  • What Charles learned about himself during his first multiday endurance event. 
  • The number of 100-mile races that Charles did between 2006 and 2016.
  • Examples of the goals that Charles sets for himself prior to each race he does.
  • How Charles’s body shape compares to that of a typical endurance athlete. 
  • Charles shares some stories from the time he won The Fire and Ice Ultra in Iceland.
  • Why the cost of doing the Marathon de Sables is so high.
  • Some of the biggest challenges that Marathon de Sables runners face. 
  • Why Charles decided to trade in ultra running for triathlons. 
  • What a typical triathlon training week looks like for Charles. 
  • Why your mental state is everything in endurance sport. 

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Episode 3