Episode 5: A Weight Loss Journey: Aligning Your Inside With Your Outside with Jacqueline Civitarese

Episode 5

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Do you ever feel like your outer self, aka your physical body, does not align with what is going on inside? After an eye-opening and tear-jerking hiking experience, Jacqueline Civitarese felt inspired to turn her life around. It was time for her to not let her physical body dictate her choices and determine her limitations. Jacqueline discusses how focusing on creating (and potentially recalibrating) healthy and sustainable habits went hand in hand with creating attainable, achievable, and realistic goals.

You will learn about using journalling to reframe your mindset, empower you to feel gratitude, and be a safe space for internal processing. Plus, you will hear about the body scan: why it is scary but necessary. It is time to throw away the idea that you need to look at the numbers on a scale and start implementing looking at percentages and inches!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jacqueline’s inspiration and motivation to start improving her health.
  • What changes Jacqueline felt were necessary for starting her health journey.
  • Jacqueline’s experience seeing a life coach.
  • When Jacqueline started her physical training.
  • How Jacqueline and Nate met and began their working relationship.
  • The body scan: why it is scary but necessary.
  • Throw away your scale!
  • The physical and mental changes Jacqueline has seen on her journey.
  • How did Jacqueline set her goals (and did she accomplish them?).
  • Jacqueline’s relationship with journaling.
  • Why Jacqueline wakes up at 5 am.
  • Nate’s relationship with morning ice baths.
  • Why Jacqueline gave up fast-food and fried food.
  • How to create a successful routine.
  • Lessons and advice Jacqueline shares as inspiration. 
  • The power of vulnerability. 


“The full-body scan has been pivotal in my success.” — @JacquelineAnnPR [0:10:55]

“My physical body is a lot lighter in numbers and inches. But, all the weight that was invisibly on my shoulders is now also gone.” — @JacquelineAnnPR [0:18:28]

“Your goals have to be attainable, they have to be achievable, they have to be realistic, and they have to be time sensitive.” — @JacquelineAnnPR [0:20:10]

“You want to set yourself up for success to be the best possible version you can be in your current environment.” — @JacquelineAnnPR [0:23:38]

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Episode 5